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 LIMBSharvey 2015 oct sandiego CREW  is a Harvey Parry Appeal Fund PROJECT

We are in the process of designing this site so do bare with us till all is finalised. In the mean time please see images of the people enrolled in the first part of this project and a brief explanation about.

Nine years ago my own son now 10 caught meningitis meningococcal septicemia that resulted in him having to have both legs  above the knee and three fingers amputated. It has been a very long struggle to get him limbs and to  do that we as parents formed the Harvey Parry Appeal Fund.

Today 9 years later so many amputees and people with limb difference contact us for help in getting mobile and just help with ideas that we end up spending most of our day advising , linking or suggesting or helping people to become mobil. We decided To form limbsCrew because we are always fundraising for someone, somewhere in the world.

LimbsCrew current project is 11 amputees in Grenada of which the first is here in the uk  with her mother being fitted with a new leg, through the project .  Meet and Greet  Sharkira age 11 from St Patricks Grenada . May 7th  2016 6,30 to at  The benefit  Fund Raise event being held at the Grenada High Commission London.


If you would like to donate to LimbsCrew,  please visit the donation page where there is a donate button and some information on the next person we are helping to get a Limb. Help us do that and donate

Telephone 01798 669127  or 07946 456975

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